5-Star Review for Raising Shawna & #4 on ARe for The Perfect Mistake

So 2014 is, in my humble opinion, starting off pretty damn awesome.

My book, The Perfect Mistake, which released from Totally Bound, has been steadily climbing up the charts over at All Romance Ebooks. Today it hit the #4 spot! Woohoo!!!

I totally have YOU ALL to thank for that. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for that (you have to imagine that each of those O’s is a smiling face too okay?). You all totally rock my socks off hardcore. Like majorly.

And then, in other news, Raising Shawna received a 5-star review from Multitasking Momma’s Review Site today! You can read the full review HERE but here are some of my favorite parts:


“This was such a beautiful story of grief, survival, and finally finding that key to happiness thanks to a paranormal twist.”

“When I read the blurb to this book, I was ready for another read that would take me to fantastical far away places with hot men and their erotic exploits. What I got instead was a story of one man’s journey through life’s trials, a seeming endless life of loneliness and grief, a life that revolved around a career that could help others in need, but never find happiness for himself…”


But my favorite part of the review was this part:


“This is no fluffy read, neither is it a fantastical story filled with fantastical or magical men. This work is a reflection of what really is going on in our midst.”


YES! I wrote something that wasn’t fluffy!!! Woohoo!!! LOL.

My 2014 goal is now complete! Hehehehe. Just kidding.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, encouragement, and and your positivity (yep, making it a word, even though I’m being told it’s not one). In a world full of negativity, hatred, violence and hurt, you all are so very precious to me.

Thank you!

Yay for 2014. It’s starting off pretty damned awesome!


-Vicktor Alexander

2 thoughts on “5-Star Review for Raising Shawna & #4 on ARe for The Perfect Mistake”

  1. Woo hoo Vic. I’m so happy for you…and gotta admit to buying PM from ARe in the last week. Looking forward to reading this and more of your works…can’t wait for Groom of Covenience either. Love ya work, love ya quirky out there self, love ya humanity and honesty. So yeah, 2014… you so own it. Go Vic.

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