Another Excerpt from my WIP: Dakota

Since this seems to be so wonderfully received, here’s another excerpt from my current WIP, Dakota:


“As you all know, I called you all over here because Dakotavitch has found his sufletul pereche. From the information I have received from him, Arizona, Utah, Carolina, Michigan and Washington, his name is Nishon Moore, whose nickname is Nimo, he is a single father, with a three-year old son named, Isaiah, whose nickname is Zay. Isaiah is a forziq.”

Dakota watched as his other brothers gasped and began talking frantically amongst themselves. He stood to his feet quickly and glared at them all. “I just want you all to know, that no one is going to harm one hair on my son’s head,” he told them.

“But your sufletul pereche rejected you,” Arizona pointed out and though he didn’t sound as if he were teasing or mocking Dakota about that, the words were like acid across his wounded heart and Dakota hissed, grabbing his chest. His legs shook and the room began to spin.

“Grab him!” Decebal’s words snapped out quickly and Dakota felt someone’s hands on him lowering him back down onto the couch.

“What’s wrong with him?” Colorado asked. Colorado, One of Dakota’s biggest brothers. He was a General Practice doctor. Lived his life wearing nothing but jerseys and jeans, with long, curly black hair to the middle of his hair. Colorado was always traveling or going to the theater whenever he had some free time and trying to drag one of them along with him when he went. None of them liked to go with him though. Not because they were not as cultured but because inevitably when they went with him Colorado would meet up with some guy or girl, twins, triplets, quads, whomever, and would abandon his sibling or siblings to go off to have sex. Repeatedly. Once, when Dakota was fourteen, just a baby vampire, Colorado, one hundred years old, which was about twenty-four in the vampire world, convinced their parents to let him take Dakota to Miami for a week. They’d been there for two days, having fun at the beach and shopping when Colorado met up with this fraternity. He’d ordered pizza, wings, soda, bought movies and toys for Dakota and told him to stay in the hotel room and left with the frat boys for another two days. When he came back he’d regaled Dakota with tales about how he’d fucked his way across, around, up, down, in and out of the fraternity. Dakota told him about how he’d cried himself to sleep the first night and then how he’d called their parents that morning. Decebal and Adelina had arrived hours later and left Colorado in Miami, but had taken Dakota home. Dakota hadn’t talked to Colorado for weeks after and while their relationship was fine now, it was still a bit strained.

“The mate bond between Dakota and Nishon began to form and strengthen a lot quicker than it would have for any of you because of Isaiah. It is to help make sure that the forziq has protection. Since Dakota was denied, the thirst is overtaking him much sooner. No doubt his sufletul pereche is suffering similar withdrawals,” Decebal told them.

“So we need to get them together and quickly,” Michigan reasoned.

Arizona interjected. “Or we need to kill the forziq.”

Everyone stared at Arizona in shock and horror. Decebal walked over to Arizona and slapped him hard across the face. “Your mamă and I raised you better than that. We do not slaughter the innocent. We especially do not kill children and family is off-limits unless they have gone rogue.”

“But Tată he is a forziq!” Arizona protested.

“I don’t care if he is the diavol himself!” Decebal said, referring to the Romanian belief of the devil, the ultimate being of evil incarnate. “He is a child. He is your nephew. You will protect him with your life.” Decebal sighed and grabbed Arizona’s face in his hands. “Arizona, he is not Mihai. You must stop comparing all forziqs to the one who so viciously hurt you.”

Arizona glared at their father before looking at them all and jerking his face out of Decebal’s hands he spun on his heel and turned to leave the room. Dakota winced as his front door slammed behind Arizona at looked over at his father surprised at the tears that filled his father’s eyes.

“Tată?” he asked cautiously.

Decebal shook his head. “Your brother is hurting, Dakotavitch. He fell in love when he served in the Marines, the man was a forziq and he badly hurt Arizona. I am afraid that the saying that hurt people, hurt people, is very true. As much as I would like to believe that my son would not hurt my grandson, I am not so sure.” 

6 thoughts on “Another Excerpt from my WIP: Dakota”

  1. Gosh the torment.Thanks for the extra exerpt.Ilove it and can’t wait for the whole book!I know you wrote that you hadn’t finished it but please,please how long will it be?

  2. Ignore the hurry up Vic. Excellence should never be rushed. I do agree that your teasers are awesome and leave us all keen for more, but there is nothing worse than a rushed or incomplete story arc. Love younela’s comment. LOL. So true… I haven’t read a vampire tale for a while and these seem to be rather more refined (honourable rather than feral) than the usual. Interesting. Looking forward to exploring this world. Cheers.

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