Dakota WIP Excerpt

So since Groom of Convenience is done and off to the betas (YAY!!!) and I’ve started Dakota, I decided to share this unedited excerpt with you all. Enjoy this sneak peek into The Sevion Brotherhood, a new series:


“Daddy?” a small voice called from the bed and Nimo’s attention instantly turned to his son. He leapt from his chair and sat on the side of Isaiah’s bed. He took his son’s small hand in his own and swallowed back the tears that clogged his throat.

“Hey munchkin,” Nimo said, pasting a small smile on his face.

“I huwt,” Isaiah said.

“I bet you do,” Nimo said with a small chuckle. “You hit your head pretty hard on Miss Norma’s desk. What were you doing?”

Isaiah’s eyes opened and Nimo smiled into the hazel gaze that were arched just like his own but looked absolutely nothing like his. Isaiah’s bows lowered as if he were trying to remember and he lifted a hand to rub his forehead, which Nimo captured and lowered back to the bed. It was a nervous gesture that Isaiah had picked up from Nimo and usually Nimo thought it was cute but with the bandage on his head, Nimo didn’t want Isaiah rubbing it and freaking his forehead.

“Wunning,” Isaiah said.

“Why were you running?” Nimo asked.

Isaiah shrugged, playing with Nimo’s fingers, refusing to look at his father.

“Zay,” Nimo said sternly.

Isaiah sighed as if his father were so tiresome and looked up. “Because Tewwy was a vampiyuh and he was biting the othuh kids and making them into zombies and I didn’t want to be one.”

Nimo sighed and shook his head, he should have known it had something to do with vampires.

“Well that’s certainly interesting,” a voice, deep as a bass guitar, smooth as silk, and sexy as sin said from the doorway and Nimo felt a shiver work its way over his entire body. He knew that voice. Had been bathing in its audio for over an hour and replaying it in his mind as he waited for his son to awaken for the last half hour. It was the sexy Dr. Dakota Sevion. The most gorgeous man to walk the face of the Earth. Ever. In history. And Nimo should know, he taught mythology, and he’d just spent the last half hour checking pictures online and no one came close.

Taking a deep breath Nimo turned with a smile for the doctor and felt all the breath rush out of his chest. He’d been expecting the doctor to be in his “doctor” clothes, as he’d been before: scrubs, and a white coat, all of which clung to his large, muscled frame. Instead, Dr. Dakota Sevion or “Doctor Do-Me” as Nimo thought of him in his mind, was wearing a pair of jeans, Doc Martens, a royal blue polo shirt that looked as if it were about to burst at the seams around his muscles, with the wisps of his chest hair peaking up from between the opening of the shirt, a leather jacket hooked over his finger, and held over shoulder. He was leaning against the doorway of Isaiah’s room and in that moment Nimo found himself wishing, if only for a moment, that Isaiah was either not there, or still asleep, so that he could climb the good doctor like a monkey.

Solid parenting there, Nimo.

“H-hu-hello, Doctor Sevion,” Nimo said with a smile.

“Hello Mr. Moore,” Doctor Sevion said with an answering grin in his direction.

“Daddy,” Isaiah whispered.

Nimo turned to look at Isaiah and noticed his wide-eyed gaze as he stared at Dr. Sevion and realized that his son had never seen anyone quite so big before. Nimo was surrounded by professors. Nerds, geeks, dweebs of the highest caliber. All of his friends that were in constant contact with Isaiah were either academics at the university, computer programmers, scientists, or researchers. They did have one fashion designer and one chef in their little group, but they were exceptions, not the rule. Isaiah was probably frightened, because besides on television and in movies, he’d never really seen a real-life… well, superhero.

Nimo leaned down and whispered, “He’s not really Superman or Thor or Hulk or any of the other superheroes, baby.”

Nimo turned to glare at the doctor when he heard the choked laughter from the doorway and realized he must not have been as quiet as he thought.

Isaiah shook his head. “I know that Daddy. He’s a vampiyuh.”

Nimo turned to look at the doctor and noticed that he’d grown extremely still. He turned to look back at Isaiah and shook his head. “No honey. We talked about this. First of all, I told you that vampires aren’t real and then I said if they were, how would you be able to tell that they were?”

Isaiah’s eyebrows lowered and then cleared. He lifted his hands and began counting them off. “They can’t walk in the sunlight. They are vewy skinny. They are vewy pale. They have weally long hayuh like that actuh you like in that movie.”

“Brad Pitt?” Doctor Sevion asked.

Nimo scrunched his nose in distaste and shook his head. “No. Too blond. Antonio Banderas. I like my men with some color.” He immediately looked away from Doctor Sevion when the man grinned and quirked an eyebrow. He looked back at Isaiah. “And what else, honey?”

“They have shawp fangs,” Isaiah continued counting. “They tuwn into bats. They sleep in coffins and live in Wo-Wo-“

“Romania,” Nimo supplied.

Isaiah nodded. “Thank you Daddy.”

“You’re welcome baby,” Nimo said with a smile. “So see? Doctor Sevion doesn’t meet any of the criteria, so he can’t be a vampire.”

“But he is Daddy! He is!” Isaiah protested.

“Why do you think I’m a vampire?” Doctor Sevion asked with a friendly smile.

“Because I can see it!” Isaiah said with a defiant lift of his chin. “I see vampires. You awe one and so awe the thwee men standing behind you.”

Nimo looked and noticed three equally large men, who all looked just like Dr. Dakota Sevion, standing directly behind him, all looking at Isaiah with looks of shock on their faces. Nimo wanted to laugh it all off and tell them that his son just had a wild imagination but then one of them, taller and bigger than even Dr. Dakota, and who looked as if he ate rabbits for breakfast, just for the hell of it stepped forward and crossed his arms.

“So what the fuck are we going to do about this?”

9 thoughts on “Dakota WIP Excerpt”

  1. Woo hoo. Congrats on finishing Groom. Cant wait for it to be released. Isaiah is too cute. Love the idea of him being able to spot the vamps and am keen to see how that plays out. Want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas full of love and happiness. Thank you for all the long hours of reading pleasure, insight into the human condition and personal positivity you have shared this year. May the holiday season be atime of renewal for you too.Take care hon.

  2. Please hurry and finish it! I love it already and have only read the exerpt you posted.Love your books – your imagination must be fascinating!Happy Holidays.

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