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  1. Lisa Givens

    Found you on Arebooks! I’m so glad. Love the Tate series.

    • Well I’m glad you found me and that you love the Tate series. Unassumed will be released on the 6th of this month, it’s Howell and Michael’s story and I think you’re going to really enjoy it. Thanks for the comment Lisa.-Vicktor Alexander

  2. Just found you and facebook and looking forward to reading your books. If I can find them lol

  3. Beth Mahadocon

    Hi Viktor, I just finished ‘A Very Tate Christmas’ and I really enjoyed it despite the many formatting problems. UGH! Anyway, I started with ‘Unthinkable’ this morning and have been steadily going through the Tate Pack all day. Love them all!

    Starting Unassumed now. It’s going to be a late night!

  4. Vic,
    I found some of your books (Tate series, stand alones) at All Romance e-book, but I can’t find your BDSM books. Who’s the publisher on those books?

  5. Hey Vic,
    When will be adding a new installment to My Girlfriend’s Brother? I don’t want to read them until they’re all done because I get to impatient if I read a chapter at time. I know…my hang-up, right! Thanks.

  6. I just finished your book: An Angelic Meeting from Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries summer series! Loved it!! Is there any chance that you will write more books with these characters? Would love to see a complete series for the world you created in this story! Thank you for the fabulous book. I have read all of the Tate series! Love all of your books that I have read!

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